Smoke detectors

Senior Safe Program

smoke detector Dartmouth fire district 3• Battery alarms can be installed by anyone, but alarms that run on household currents must be installed by a qualified electrician.
• Labels are essential. Make sure your smoke alarm is manufactured by a recognized testing laboratory.
• Recordable voice announcement alarms are great for children. A familiar voice, such as that of a parent or guardian, prompting them to exit is less abrupt than a beeping alarm sound.
• A smoke alarm that detects carbon monoxide adds greater safety and eliminates having to purchase a separate carbon monoxide alarm.

Where to Install a Smoke Alarm

• Install a smoke alarm in every bedroom, outside a sleeping area, and on every level of our home (including the basement).
• Interconnect all your smoke alarms throughout your home, so when one sounds, they all sound.
• Always follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions.
• Test your smoke alarm each month and replace batteries once a year



Senior Safe Smoke Detector


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